Monday, July 25, 2016

Make 30$ Per Week - Spare5 for Newbies

Make 30$ Per Week With Spare5 App :

Have you been looking for ways to make money online with the easiest way ever work from home? you've come to the right place then , Especially if you own an IOS Device ,in this article i am going to explain to you how to earn cash easily to your paypal account and be able to make more than 30$/week without doing much . fast cash huh ?  it was the  perfect website for me after spending months looking for websites that offer surveys or tasks to be completed , it has always been a problem for me when it came to cashout and most of the websites were fraud .by following this method you will be making 100$ per month

What is Spare:

Spare5 is a community started in 2014 , it has been paying ever since and it has a good payment rate and a high satisfaction by it's users , me personally i have been using it for months and i have never faced any problems with the payments .Spare5 also has an app that only works on IOS Devices , it will help you make extra money everytime you get bored and start using your phone , i would consider Spare5 one of the best money making apps .

How it works ?

in Spare5 app , you will be getting paid for completing tasks such as writing Images keywords and giving your opinion about a specific image or making calls for IOS users , most of the tasks are simple and easy to be done by most of the users .

Registration :

if you register from my link you'll get 1$ bonus for every 30$ you make , make sure you register from my referral link to higher your earnings.

The registration is so simple , you could register using Facebook , LinkedIn,Gmail or any email you have .

How am i gonna get paid ? :

you will be getting paid every friday night automatically , you don't have to ask for a cashout , the system automatically sends your funds to your Paypal account, make sure you put the right Paypal Email connected to your account .

Payment Proofs :

22$ in just one week

1.04$ in just two days ( automatic payment in friday ) 

i could show you more , just ask for it in the comments .

The XP Points System : 

Just like any other website , Spare5 Looks for experience workers to give them harder and valuable tasks to be done , so you need to keep in mind that the more XP points you have the easier it is for you to make money and you'll make money fast just like you've always dreamed for ,

Double your earning Tricks :

1 - Choose the best keywords to describe the images ,for example the main colors in the picture ,
for example , we take this picture : 

Keywords are : sunglasses , glasses, cat
 this will do the job 

2 - keep refreshing the page over and over again if you have no tasks in your list , tasks will appear after refreshing , make sure you click on them fast and finish them .

Special Offer For IOS Users : 
you will be ofered more tasks that could be finished using your IOS Device such as calling a company or filling a survey or things like that , you'll get high payments from those , don't miss your chance to get rich fast .

This guys was our tutorial for today on how to make money from home using Spare5 , i was just like you when i first started looking for making cash online, i almost tried every method possible to get rich quick but none of them really got me rich so quickly , it will take sometime but you will finally get to your goal ,and remember : there are no such things as easy money , just work and you will get results sooner or later .and you will finally notice a passive income coming to you .
leave a comment below if you want to ask about anything on the website , i'd be happy to help you 

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